Citslinc Met Myanmar Government, October 2019

Oct 24, 10 am, Leo Liu meet with Hon Director General, Directorate of Hotels & Tourism, Ministry of Hotels & Tourism, Mr. MaungMaung Kyaw, and his major assistant, Hon Deputy Director General, MsDawKhin Than Win, MsMyoMyo Than, Deputy Director of Directorate of Hotels & Tourism, MrMyoMyint, Director of Planning Dept. Meeting Topics: Myanmar Government welcomes Citslinc groups to visit historical places, culture relics and friendly people in Myanmar.

Oct 25, 11 am, Leo Liu meet with HonDirector General, Secretary, MIC, Directorate of Investment & Company Administration (DICA), Ministry of Investment & Foreign Economic Relations, Mr. Thant Sin Lwin, and Ms. KhinOhmar Aung, Deputy Director at 1 Thitsar Rd., Yankin Township, Yangon. Meeting Topics: Myanmar Government and people welcome the U.S. and Canadian business people come to sell all kinds of their products.

Oct 25, 3 pm, Leo Liu meet with Hon Vice President, UNFCCI, Dr. MaungMaung Lay, Mr U Aung Myint, Executive Officer of President’s Office, Ms.Thazin Pe Chit, Secretary General, Union of Myanmar Travel Association, Ambassador Tint Swai, CEO, UMFCCI at Union of Myanmar Federation of Chambers of Commerce & Industry (UMFCCI)and other officials at 29 Min Ye Kyaw Swar Rd., Lanmadaw Township, # 11131, Yangon. Meeting topics:Myanmar Federal Chamber of Commerce will actively work with Citslinc to match the business conference and talks with business travelers to offer all kinds of the business opportunity.

Oct 31, 2 pm, Leo Liu meet with Hon Secretary General, Mr. Kyi Thein Ko, Myanmar Tourism Federation and General Secretary, Mr. Min Kyaw Oo, Myanmar Hotelier Association, at # 4, Corner of Merchant Road &Sandaku Road, 3 Ward, Botahtaug Township, Yangon. Meeting Topics: Myanmar Tourism Federation and Hotelier Association will work closely with Citslinc and provide highquality service as well as the reasonable group travel rate.

Nov. 8, 5 pm, Leo Liu is to have the 2nd round of meeting with Hon Consul General, Mr. Ting Yu, Myanmar Consulate General at Los Angeles on further discussion of Citslinc Mission to Myanmar.